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the code!

Simply put, we have the digital codes to crack your market growth in a way that quickly produces profitable results.

Where are you spending your client acquisition investment?

Laser Target Advertising 

Digital marketing is defined as a scientific approach to marketing. We at Selecta Insider DM apply this methodology and combine it with 35 years of experience in advertising and brand marketing, to pack a punch for clients seeking to increase sales and market reach.

Have Full Control

Through our non-linear approach, we engage, capture and turn online traffic into revenue. Selecta Insider DM leverages technology and marketing strategies such as segmentation, influencer marketing, online behavioral advertising, collaborative environments, data-driven advertising and remarketing to convert your clicks into customers.

Get Long Term ROI

Is your traditional advertising falling short? Increase the return on investment (ROI) by utilizing our digital marketing strategies to lower your cost per acquisition (CPA) and increase your average customer value (ACV).

Brand Better

We specialize in brand marketing through multicultural  intelligence and affiliate marketing for global high-end brands seeking to increase consumers in this highly coveted, invaluable target market.

How we help scale your business!

"The publishing industry has evolved dramatically. Implementing our digital marketing strategies has been crucial to our growth and sustainability." 

Nora Bulnes

Founder & Publisher
Selecta Magazine

"Selecta DM has scaled our business to a national level, increasing profits and largely impacting the level of service and value with bring to our customers."

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Jibe Health

Shane McIntyre

What our clients think of us:

"Selecta Insider DM has achieved our marketing goals by reaching more doctors and in turn, giving them an exceptional protection against medical malpractice lawsuits."  

Robyn Sztyndor 

Attorney at Law AEGIS Medical Malpractice Protection

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Strategy Call

“Never has such powerful technology been commoditized so quickly, and become both affordable and pervasive.”

–Moonshots by John Sculley



We work on Branding and Direct Response Campaigns with our Behavioral Response Messaging Multicultural Intelligence; gathered by Automated Marketing methodologies

Get your complimetary guide and learn why advertisers and businesses struggle with Digital Marketing, and what you can do about it!

There’s both a traditional and a new approach to advertising investment diversification. If you are not maximizing the power of digital marketing KPI’s and analytics to optimize your advertising investment campaigns, then you may be missing out on increasing the ROI on every dollar spent!

increase reach

expand audience

grow distribution

Imagine if you could increase sales by 5-20x, in a predictable manner and scale quicker by  intelligently diversifying your advertising spend. Basically, placing smarter bets, utilizing attractive ads and reaching the select audience using empirical evidence.



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Multicultural Intelligence 

+ Digital Marketing 

= Reach and Sales

“A powerful digital campaign must influence the mind, body and soul while impacting the customer thru an engaging journey”

Peter Colon, Co-Founder Selecta Insider DM and Michael Bulnes II, Project Manager

–Peter Colon

As Hispanic Influencer Marketers, we have Over 30 years experience with the Latin market, placing engaging and valuable content while capturing this ever increasing segment of the US consumer.